Your sleeping at night and suddenly..?

Hugh G Rection Asked: Your sleeping at night and suddenly..?

A stranger walks in your bedroom and says heres some chocolate milk..what would you do?


McHaggis Scoticus Answered:
ask him where the cookies are?

Crack Head Answered:
I would immediately get out my spelling and grammar book and learn how to write.YOURYOU'reHERESHere'sHERE IS

BUZZ Answered:
roll over and go back to sleep

mamasgyrl1116 Answered:
well id tell them to leave then call police! hope fully that would take care of the nut~ lol

KatelynM Answered:
I'd say wtf who the hell are you!?!?!
Set the milk down man!! get out !!!
basically id freak out D:


Angie Answered:
Say 'no thanks, I'm lactose intolerant', 'do you have anything that looks like milk, that I could drink?'

B B P Answered:
Strangers don't enter my bedroom. If any one is giving me a drink of anything at night it is a drink of water and that would be my husband.

Danielle Preston Answered:
* smiles evilly and takes hot choclate* " thanks " …. pulls out knife slices his throut into 4 pices then drink hot choclate then sleep 🙂

Sirius Black Answered:
Wanna swap it for some normal milk? 😉

SofaKingSexy Answered:
I rabbit punch him in the crotch.

Praveen Kumar Answered:
i eat that without asking any questioons !

FSU Answered:
i'd say "no, thanks. i'm on a diet"

Genna Lee Answered:
drink it

Je mange la piscine Answered:
i'd say 'get tout'

winterbee Answered:
I'd be like "Are u serious? It's the middle of the night! How will I manage to sleep if I drink caffeine??"

Janet Answered:
I would say. . "What's the catch?"

Stunner Boy Answered:
I just jump out of bed and drink the milk..

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