You Can Develop Your Own Chocolate Fudge Recipes

Enjoy the splendor of a rich chocolate surreptitiously melting against your warm tongue as you sneak a bite of chocolate fudge from under the table.  Don’t hide your chocolate in shame any longer.  Recent studies show that chocolate is actually good for the heart, so rather than sneaking your chocolate and feeling guilty, share the wealth of your favorite chocolate fudge recipe with coworker, friends and family.  What? You don’t have your own secret chocolate fudge recipe?  Well don’t fret, here are some great ideas you can add to any chocolate fudge recipe you find online.

There are copious amounts of chocolate fudge recipes online but what makes that fudge delectable are the simple personal touches you add.  If you don’t know how to make fudge find a recipe online that’s easy to make and adapt (adaptation is fundamental in order for you to create the best chocolate fudge recipe out there).  Soon you’ll have the desk everyone comes to visit (sure it will be to grab a bite of your soon-to-be-famous chocolate fudge, but that’s okay, isn’t it?).

The Basic Ingredients of Chocolate Fudge

This is just a general idea of what is in a chocolate fudge morsel of goodness so you can come up with some great ideas to add to the basic ingredients.  Of course there’s chocolate but there’s also butter, cream and some recipes that use baking chocolate might even call for sugar for a sweeter taste.

Making More of Your Chocolate Fudge

Again, your fudge isn’t complete until you have added a personal touch to your recipe.  Such touches as adding nuts (crushed almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, etc.), adding marshmallow crème, adding peanut butter, adding a sweeter liqueur like rum, Orange Marnier or Kahlua or even adding a better butter like cocoa butter chocolate or a richer heavier cream will literally enrich your own recipe with powerful flavors.  Just take some time to experiment.  Likely you’ll have a line around the block of people willing to be your guinea pigs to try each new recipe.

Once your chocolate fudge is mixed, baked, tested and passed you’re going to need to find a way to present your delectable treat to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  Using foil cups is a great way to store your fudge in a box that you can hand off as gifts to those very special people in your life.  What a great Christmas idea.

There’s no reason to feel guilty for enjoying a bit of chocolate every now and again.  It’s those special treats like chocolate fudge that make life worth living.  If you’re truly concerned about the calories in chocolate fudge perhaps you can find a recipe that has fewer calories so you can enjoy your chocolate fudge without guilt.  In the end, just enjoy your chocolate fudge.

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Written by ja_schmidt

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