Xocai Review: Can You Become A Millionaire Eating Chocolate?

Thanks for visiting my Xocai Review! I’d been hearing a lot about this chocolate MLM, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to look at it. I mean, who doesn’t adore chocolate?
In this Xocai review, I’ll go over their (tasty) product, compensation plan, plus whether or not this company is set to build in the future. And of course, if I think you’d be smart to join.

Now, this is a totally unprejudiced Xocai review, as I’m not affiliated with them. However, if it appears like a decent opportunity for you, read to the end because I’ll explain to you how to virtually promise your success inside the company!

Xocai is a network marketing company that is a division of MXI Corp. The previous owners of Xocai sold more than $300 million in chocolate in their past mlm venture. The company is at the moment growing and expanding in 5 continents, and they’ve had exponential growth in their profit!

Xocai Review: Actual Product?

I believe this is a killer product because it’s an unique spin on the health and wellness industry. When you purchase a health juice, you in fact have no idea whether it’s going to taste good or not. However, everybody is already familiar with chocolate and know that it tastes awesome!

Their wares include solid chocolates, nutritional chocolate beverages, as well as chocolate based protein powder and bars.

Wait, chocolate is a health product? Many studies over the past couple of decades have proven that dark chocolate has many health benefits, not the least of which is a high supply of antioxidants. Usually, chocolate is generally bad for you after it’s processed and all kinds of stuff is added to it.

Xocai Review: Good Pay Plan?

Their compensation plan is designed as a binary, which signifies you build up two legs. You may get paid in 8 separate ways, including recruiting bonuses, retail commission, commission through your team’s volume, as well as incentives like cars, trips, as well as cruises.

Furthermore, it merely sets you back $39 to join into the company. That $39 essentially allows you access to wholesale pricing and to distribute merchandise. You do have to pay the monthly autoship for merchandise to remain active.

Xocai also claims to bear one of the highest retention rates in the entire industry, because it’s inexpensive and on the grounds that everyone likes chocolate!

Xocai Review: Conclusion

Anything with chocolate has to be great right? They own an excellently designed compensation plan, the biz is growing, and certainly people prefer their merchandise. In my opinion, this is a great place to grow a business with.

However, being with a good business doesn’t promise your success. Unfortunately, nearly all Xocai reps aren’t making any money at all, and it’s not the company’s fault. It’s because they don’t understand by what means to market their business.

In order to really take advantage of the compensation plan and hit the top levels in the company, you have to generate leads every single day, and recruit routinely. Many network marketers are using the net to take advantage of all the people who hop online searching for business opportunities to join.

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Thanks for checking out this Xocai Review!

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