Where would I find chocolate candy molds?

KinuMae Asked: Where would I find chocolate candy molds?

I want to make chocolate candies and truffles but I only found a very small selection at Micheal’s craft store. I wanted some squares and traditional shapes but found shapes that were like for kids like hearts, animals, etc.


bleweyez20249 Answered:
Check and see if there is a cake supply store in your area. They often carry them. JoAnn’s may also carry them. Hobby Lobby has them in store and on line. Here is a site that sells them.



Lexi Answered:
at craft stores, supermarkets, and cooking stores you can usually find molds but if you can’t then you can use one of these websites:
Kitchen Krafts
Confectionery House

Robert S Answered:
Try a bulk food store or cooking supply place.

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