what can i use instead of alcohol?

Mariah Asked: what can i use instead of alcohol?

I’m making chocolate truffles for a sale we are having at school but many of the people don’t drink alcohol (some for religious reasons) so i need to find a substitute for it in the following recipe. thanks for all the answers! ;D
btw, i don’t usually cook and this is my first time making these truffles so please don’t add anything that only experienced adults would understand ;]



Brooke Answered:
well definitely don’t do alcohol
Britney Answered:
If you are referring to the splash of brandy then you could always use a extract, like vanilla extract but they make rum extract, for the flavor only, no alcohol. If you don’t want the flavor either then take that part out completely. Cooking is about experimenting and making it your own, so when someone asks where you got the recipe, you can say it was your own!


Satyata Answered:

u can use chocolate essence then..
Faith Answered:
Dear questioner,
Are you Amanda ??
any way,
Please go to:
ask Dina she’ll help you.
I like her recipes.

Good luck 🙂

Five Times Answered:
The amount of brandy used is minuscule, so will have NO affect on anyone.
Anonymous Answered:
The brandy is there for flavor. The small amount won’t affect anything other than taste. But you can just remove it completely and it won’t hurt the recipe, it just won’t have that flavor in it.

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