What can I do with chocolate pudding?

Olivia Asked: What can I do with chocolate pudding?

I am really in the mood for something chocolate but i don’t want just plain pudding. Are there any recipes that use chocolate pudding?


cuteasiangirl Answered:
You should look up a recipe to pudding pie! It’s delicious!
You can make a dessert called dirt. You put chocolate pudding in a cup then crumble Oreos on the top layer. Then have a gummy worm stick out of the pudding.Kids love it.
taylor fry Answered:
Milk chocolate.
Gabriela Iris Answered:
bill k Answered:
Taylor Rae Answered:
Milk chocolate, preferably Belgian or Swiss.
Oliver Answered:
Dark Chocolate cuz i has many benefits.
But if you want a really delicious one,then eat Milk chocolate.
cyber101 Answered:
dark chocolate!
yani Answered:
i like em dark(;
Leah Answered:
Green12345 Answered:
Dark…the darker the better;)
Susan Answered:
I sure hope we are talking about chocolate here. White chocolate is the best. 🙂
stormykathrynserenity Answered:
The Shocker Answered:
Dark Chocolate for sure
Shaula Brandt Answered:
I love all three, but I’d go with milk chocolate 🙂

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