The Chocolate Connoisseur

The Chocolate Connoisseur

The Chocolate Connoisseur

Packed with amazing stories, tasting notes for the world’s finest chocolates, history, myths, recipes, and “chocolate philosophy,” this charming book will inspire you to become a bona fide connoisseur.

Chocolate. We all love it. We know what we like, and we’re pretty sure it’s naughty. But have you really, truly explored the wonderful world of fine chocolate? Few people know as much about chocolate as ChloĆ© Doutre-Roussel, and in this unique book she shares her knowledge of this much-loved food and her passion for it.

In The Chocolate Connoisseur, you will:

– learn how to tell the difference between “good” and “bad” chocolate
– discover wonderful new brands to savor and enjoy
– marry your favorite brands to your mood and time of day
– learn to taste chocolate like a connoisseur

Today, the popularity of gourmet chocolate bars is soaring as we are introduced to the delights of single-estate cocoa beans, bars labeled according to bean variety and origin, and cocoa nibs. Chocolate-tasting societies and evenings are springing up everywhere. Like drinking fine wine or good coffee, chocolate is an experience not to be missed. This perfectly packaged little pink book about chocolate, one of the world’s most delicious treats, is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day-or for any chocolate lover in your life.

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