The Chocolate Bomb

No, don’t be deceived by the title. I am in love with chocolate, no argument there, but it’s not the message I want to get across. The Nazis know exactly what I’m talking about. Those people painted our world’s history red, and not the good red. However, they could actually get pretty creative. Death by chocolate, I think, was coined from their stunning efforts. Hmmm. If you’re not crazy about gruesome tales, then maybe you would not want to continue reading.

Typically, “Death by Chocolate” is a favorite sweet treat. It refers to a chocolate cake that is topped with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup and then sprinkled with chocolate brownies or chocolate shavings on top. But the Nazis kicked things a notch higher and on a more literal note. So high actually that it gave a whole new meaning to the term. They made death by chocolate happen as they turned chocolates into bombs. Explosive, isn’t it?

The British Intelligence Agency MI5 made public a series of documents as well as photos that show camouflaged equipment utilized by the Nazis. In those papers was a sketch of what seemingly looks like an ordinary chocolate bar, but as the old adage goes, don’t judge the book by its cover. What looked like a piece of sweet could actually trigger an explosion.

These bars of chocolate were much like your typical hand grenades. They were in steel cases, however covered with chocolate, and they were actually wrapped like a real candy bar. Neat trick, Nazis. And in order to detonate the bomb, the innocent victim would break off the bar like usual, which then reveals a canvas strap that functioned like the pin of a grenade which when removed would blow up in a matter of seconds.

It became common knowledge that the Nazis were targeting a member of the Royal Family.  The chocolate bar would turn out as a surprise as the eater was in the middle of enjoying it. Creepy, in every sense of the word.

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