The Basics of Homemade Chocolates

Isn’t it amazing how one person can name one kind of food that they can eat over and over again for the rest of their life despite the existence of all other delicious food? Take for example chocolates. I bet my life savings on it that there is no one person that can be able to resist chocolate. I mean they could but it would take one very serious reason. On the brighter side, more number of people are given the chance to experience these mouthwatering chocolates. It is a favorite among all ages and all walks of life. So, if chocolate is on top of your list, wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to make them?

First, roast the cocoa beans for about 5-35 minutes under the heat of about 120-160 degrees Celsius. Expose it at first in high temperature then gradually decrease it. stop the roasting once you see the beans begin to crack. Second, crack the beans using a hammer if you are on a small batch. For a larger batch of beans, you can utilize a Corona type mill. Stir the nibs carefully using your hands or a spoon and at the same time blowing on them in order to get rid of the husks. Third, grind the nibs into liqueur. You can put it in a juicer and it will produce cocoa liqueur. Do this repeatedly until no more husks are included. Fourth, conch and refine them with the aid of a high powered wet grinder. Fifth, proceed to tempering. This is one of the crucial step since you need to make sure that no moisture penetrates the chocolate or else it will be super soft. What you would want is to make it snappy and shiny. Lastly, mold the chocolate into its final look. You can work on it while it still in its liquid form. Gently pour it on your molder of choice and place it on the fridge or leave it to harden at room temperature.

Honestly speaking, producing chocolate is not a piece of cake. Manufacturers all over the world spend millions of money and years of development in order to come up with the best tasting chocolates that would beat all other competitors. However, you can make a little chocolate factory within the four corners of your home.

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