TCHO Chocolate, part 3: Taste Test Trip

Chocolate: Taste Test Trip

In this final installment of our TCHO Chocolate trilogy, Xeni and Pesco go on a magical mystery taste test tour — think Willy Wonka meets The Trip. Former NASA software developer Timothy Childs founded the tech-minded chocolate company, and was joined by WIRED co-founder Louis Rosetto.

In previous BBtv episodes we learned about the hacked-together, home-tinkered machines and high-tech wizardry that keep their factory humming. Today we dive in to the genetics of chocolate plants, and the hedonics — the tasting experience — of the finished product, where science meets sensuality meets sugar.

Oh hell, who are we kidding, you guys? We sat around and GOT HIGH on neuroactive cocoa alkaloids. We freebased theobromine and we LIKED IT. We liked it a LOT.

Warning: this episode is NSFC (not safe for chocoholics).

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