TCHO Chocolate, part 2: machines + molecules

Chocolate: Machines + Molecules

Today on Boing Boing tv, Xeni and Pesco dive deeper into the magical chocolate factory founded by a NASA software developer.

In this installment of BBtv’s 3-part series on TCHO Chocolate, we learn more about the hacked-together, home-tinkered machines and high-tech wizardry that keep the factory running. The philosophy is “scrappy, not crappy,” as founder Timothy Childs explains.

TCHO’s R&D lab contains such diverse components as Space Shuttle tape, a modded RONCO turkey oven, stone grinders used in Indian restaurants, and deconstructed space heater parts from the local hardware store.

Next, we zoom in to the molecular-level science behind this most delicious confection. Science buffs, rejoice! This episode is as fun for your eyes and brain as the “obsessively good” chocolate is for your mouth — Polymorph fun for the whole family. Warning: this episode is NSFC (not safe for chocoholics).

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