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How can you make chocolate milkshake at home?

Laeh Cornworth Asked: How can you make chocolate milkshake at home?

I want to make it 🙂


Lexi Answered:
You need a blender, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and milk. Put all of these in the blender then blend, you will need 1/4 to 1/2 the blender of milk. Enjoy!
Happiest in the kitchen Answered:
Really? A milkshake is SOOO simple. 

Ice cream (flavor of choice) in this case use vanilla and choc syrup or choc with a little more choc syrup.

Then add in milk. For more chocolate flavor go with choc milk. Use a little at a time you can always add more to make a thinner milkshake if you need to.

Jazz Blob Answered:
put chocolate milk and ice and milk in a blender and get blending

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