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Low Carb Chocolate Muffin – Only 3 Carbs Net Per Muffin – 6 Pack – Best Tasting Diet Product Ever!

Low Carb Chocolate Muffin – Only 3 Carbs Net Per Muffin – 6 Pack – Best Tasting Diet Product Ever!

Low Carb Chocolate Muffin - Only 3 Carbs Net Per Muffin - 6 Pack - Best Tasting Diet Product Ever!

  • 0 sugar – 0 Trans Fats – 0 Glueten – 0 Flour
  • Best Tasting Low Carb Product Ever!
  • Technologically Preserved for Freshenss – Not With Preservatives
  • Made with GMO Free Almond Meal
  • We bake in our local family owend bakery approved by the USDA, not in a commercial factory


Low in carbs, and yet delicious.
While one can argue whether carb-0-licious is brand or not, one thing is sure. We are not another multimillion dollar company trying to persuade you to buy something you don’t want in the first place. We are a small local family-owned bakery in NY sharing a piece of health with the world.
As third generation bakers, we were raised with cake and cookies as a means of Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
We have always had a great sense for good and quality tasting mixtures, which is what kept our local business successful, while all other bakeries went broke to competition to big box stores.
But as we grew older, we started being more health conscious thinking there must be something better that we can do, something that could make a change in us as well as the entire neighborhood we live in and sell to.
And that’s when carb-0-licious was founded. Taking 3 generations and over 60 years of experience in baking, tasting and ingredients selection etc. we have made what is yet to be the future…
The Best Tasting Low Carb Muffin Guaranteed!
As a baker I can guarantee you, that this muffin tastes way better than the regular un-healthy stuff we have been selling for so many years.
Technologically Preserved for Freshness
We use a scientific means of preserving the freshness while in transit, to get you the ultimate fresh baked muffin without any preservatives added.
As soon as we finish the baking process, when the Muffins are still hot, we immediately pack them in air-tight packaging, and freeze them at a very deep temperature, thus preserving even the slightest particles evolving during the first moments of oven freshness.
We guarantee you the utmost freshness at time of delivery.
We ship all our products with USPS Priority Mail only, which insures a fast delivery and fresh product.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 12.94

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350-year-old Iced Chocolate Recipe Recently Discovered

A university lecturer has found some notes that had instructions on how to make a 17th century version of what many of us are crazy about these days, the chilled coffee drink, but in this case, it’s chocolate. Health warnings about drinking too much of the brown confection were even attached to it.

Dr. Kate Loveman, an English lecturer at the University of Leicester, said that the recipe instructed the maker to mix chocolate, some “snow” and some salt and “shake the snow together (for) sometime” in what’s supposedly the first sample of its kind.

She said, “It’s not chocolate ice-cream but more like a very solid and very dark version of the iced chocolate drinks you get in coffee shops today.”

Because of the fact that in those times, freezing food was a pain in the neck, this iced dessert would have been a luxury. Dr. Loveman discovered a myriad of other recipes in a note written by one of the country’s earliest chocoholics, the Earl of Sandwich, in 1668. His great, great grandson is allegedly the one who invented the sandwich. Dr. Loveman has now published a paper on the introduction of chocolate into England.

She said the chocolate became famous first in England by 1640 as an exotic drink made out of cocoa beans. During the 1660s, chocolate typically went hand in hand with advice about safe consumption.

There was even this certain doctor during such time that gave warnings about how the composition of hot chocolate could stir up insomnia, excess mucus, or hemorrhoids.

“People worried iced chocolate in particular was ‘unwholesome’ and could damage the stomach, heart, and lungs. She added, “There were ways around this and the Earl thought the best way to ward off the dangers of eating frozen chocolate was drink some hot chocolate about an hour afterwards.”

To cut it all short, the chocoholics of the modern day didn’t just recently surface. Chocoholics have been around for like forever, or at least ever since the treat was discovered.

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