Single Origin Chocolate: A World Tour

One of the most favorite gifts given all over the world is chocolate. Its popularity is insanely high that you can never go wrong giving it to someone dear to you. If the receiver will not like it then there must be a mistake on the end of that person. But kidding aside, all over the world chocolates come in several varieties such as in shapes, sizes, colors and containers. But the most important quality of a chocolate, is its origin. To better appreciate these sweet treats, it is best to look into details and discover more things about how they become such wonderful delights.

Since origin has been previously mentioned, that will be the focus of attention. Single origin chocolates are the type of chocolates made from beans that come from the soils of a certain place such as a region or a country. The coffee beans yielded from these respective places have their unique textures and flavors that are perfect ingredients in creating unique organic chocolates. The downside of these single origin holiday chocolates is the fact that it may be more pricey than the usual ones. In order to stick to the budget but still being able to give a great gift, opt for single origin organic chocolates.

Chocolate per se all started in Latin America and from then until now, most of the cocoa beans enjoyed all over the world comes the places there. It is very unique in taste that it can easily be identified with the region where it is produced from. Colombian chocolate has both fruity and deep flavor. It is slightly bitter as compared to others but that is what makes it unique. Ecuadorian chocolate is known for a fruity flavor combined with Jasmine. It is believed to be inclined to herbal touches as well. Costa Rican chocolate is also fruity but with the classic cocoa feel. Brazilian chocolate leans more on bright taste mixed with acidity. Venezuelan chocolate is treated to have the most intricate mix of all the fruits of the world.

If you want to try other flavors then jump onto another continent. The biggest percent of cocoa beans in Asia is produced from java Island in Indonesia. If you desire to create variety in your chocolate gift box, then the mixture of these chocolates from all over the world would be the perfect choice. Although it is named single origin chocolate, you can put them together and have the best of both worlds.

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