Simple winter wedding help?

Future Mrs Winfrey3 Asked: Simple winter wedding help?

My fiance and I are planing out wedding for Dec 21st and I need a little help finding a few things. I need hot chocolate mugs for about 50 people that are not crazy expensive because I plan on having a little hot chocolate kit for every person (hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, and a little pack of marshmallows). The mugs don’t have to match because there will be people of all ages 🙂

I’m also looking for inexpensive decorating ideas. I’ve got snowflakes, Christmas lights, and my aunty is helping me with my cake.

Any little things you can think of, tips and advice, feel free to talk about them! I’d like to hear what you’ve done for your weddings or what you plan on for future weddings. 🙂 Thanks a bunch.


Sarah Answered:
Aw…I love the winter wedding idea!I think the mugs with hot chocolate makings is really cute!For the mugs I’d do a google search and see if you can buy them in bulk really cheaply.Check eBay too…they have everything there.The next place is to go to mass retailers…like Target, Meijer, WalMart, KMart, Sam’s Club.They probably have cheap, plain mugs.You could buy all they have.Maybe go to different locations to get all 50 that you need.

For decorating ideas, I like the white Christmas lights.You could hang lots of those all over.I think the more the better with those.If you just have a few strands, they look boring and typical.But using a lot would look more elegant and provide more lighting too.

You could look for little snowflake confetti to sprinkle on the tables.I wouldn’t go too overboard with snowflakes…like, don’t hang giant snowflakes from the ceiling.I think that would look more tacky than classy.My advice is to use lots of white lights for the primary decoration.And little touches of snowflakes here and there.Perhaps your aunt could make fondent snowflakes to put on the sides of your cake or something. ?

Maybe have the name cards at the tables (if you’re doing that) in the shape of snowflakes…or just have snowflake stickers on them.

You could have snowflakes on your invitations – either in the shape of a snowflake, or images of snowflakes on them.

What colors are you going with?B/c when I think “winter wedding” I think either light blue and white, or deep purple. Just my opinion.

Bella Bruce Answered:
make the colors light baby blue and white!!

MeanMrMustard Answered:
I love winter weddings. What I was going to do for mine was have a little tree without any leaves on it and have little cards with ribbons on them so people can write a wish and hang it on the wishing tree. Your center prices could be a glass with fake snow and snowflakes in it with branches coming out of it.

lady Answered:
I believe Ikea has plain white mugs for 50 cents each……Closer in the fall when the Christmas stuff is out, you can probably find Christmas ones at the dollar store, you may find plain ones there now. Check the dollar stores (Dollar Tree, 99 cent Store, etc) for inexpensive things for decorations and centerpieces for your tables. You will also be able to find boxes of hot chocolate packets at the dollar store.

Jenny Lynne Answered:
Go to thrift stores, coffee mugs galore.Branches, you can buy from site below or make your own, find in woods, clean, let dry, spray paint white from dollar store. When dry, use spray on craft glue and buy crystals from $ store or site below and pour over while glue is wet.Also, clear marbles from dollar store, break up pieces and use. Mirror tiles, break carefully and have hanging high so no one will get cut or buy round or rectangle have seen at Freds. If someone has a forest, get pine seedlings or cedar, plant in buckets cover bottoms with cotton batting and/ or white sheets and oodles of tulle, use twinkle lights and artificial plastic snow, be careful of the glittery kind it sticks to floor. Use small clumps of cotton to look like little mounds of snow on some of the branches. On snow flakes spray white and some white with a tinge of silver on ends. Also, use the pearl looking craft beads and glue to make a tiny flower in the center, or some on the tips of each, hang at different heights and have different sizes. Instead of draping twinkle lights hang some from end to end for a different look. White cloth and tulle for the ceiling.Have a twig tree at every or every three pews so that it will look like you are walking down an ice covered aisle. Or use pine or cedar swag and drape along inside of pews with white bows at each or every third pew or line of seats and have guests enter from outside. Spray with glue and add sparkle, icy crystals. Think of ice blues, silver and whites. Also, go to Dollar Tree for many inexpensive, good ideas. Site is

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