Recipe for Chocolate Cordials with Liquer?

Question by juicyapplejazz: Recipe for Chocolate Cordials with Liquer?
I remember purchasing these from places like Swiss Colony or Figi’s catalogs. Does anyone know how to make the little chocolate bottles with the liquer inside ? It was filled with either grand mariner liquer or irish cream and other flavors. This would be a great gift for the holidays as I found some chocolate molds…now I need the recipe !!!! Help

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Answer by Amy 911
It is tricky to make the molded chocolates with a liquid center. You have to paint the inside of the mold several times to build up the walls. After filling you have to “float” the chocolate cap on the bottom. It is not easy or fun. Great gift though!

Making “flavored” cherries is a lot easier. Purchase your favorite liquor in the miniature bottles. Get jarred cherries with stems, dump all but 2oz of cherry juice, mix juice and one miniature liquor into the cherry jar. Turn the jars once a day for 4-7 days. Drain the cherries and blot well….save the yummy juice for drinks or ice cream. Melt your chocolate and dip the cherries. Let harden on wax paper. You can buy the little paper candy cups at any place that sells candy stuff…..also small boxes to package them in. Rum and cognace are both EXCELLENT with the cherries.

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