More Reasons To Love Chocolate – As If You Need A Reason

Chocolate comes with a wide array of health benefits, we basically state that like all the time. Those benefits just seem to multiply with time.

Below are some reasons that have been making a buzz lately as to why you should never feel guilty when enjoying your chocolate.

For one, chocolate is said to be beneficial for the heart. Consuming chocolate on a daily basis could cut down one’s risk of suffering from a heart attack and even stroke. Chocolate can also help you in your weight-loss goal. We always take chocolate for something that would make us gain unwanted pounds. That shouldn’t be the case now. Studies have shown that people who eat chocolate regularly are more likely to stay fit than those who don’t. Turns out, a person who eats chocolate five times per week or more had a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who eat chocolate less frequently.

Chocolate is helpful for appetite control. Chocolate contains filling fiber, a natural appetite suppressant. Go ahead, give in to that sweet-tooth craving. You may eat fewer calories than if you cut it cold turkey.

We have tons of reasons to bask in the goodness of chocolate, but it’s a must to be smart about our consumption. Here are some tips to heed when buying high-quality chocolate:

The darker the chocolate, the more nutritional benefits you can reap. Pure chocolate could be a tad too bitter, which is other ingredients are tossed into the mixture. But the chocolate part of that bar is what contains the good stuff: fiber, magnesium and antioxidants.

Make your own hot cocoa. To take it to the next level regarding the nutritional profile of your hot cocoa, buy unsweetened powdered chocolate, and add your own sweetener. Additionally, keep it as dark as you can actually handle.

Be creative when it comes to cocoa. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate bars or drinking cocoa regularly, there are other options. Go ahead and experience sprinkling powdered cocoa in your oatmeal or cold cereal, for starters.

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