Q&A: What kind of frosting should I make?

Question by curiousgirl07: What kind of frosting should I make?
Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday. My brother is making her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting today. Over the weekend, we will be getting together to celebrate her birthday with her, and I am making cupcakes. My brother suggested that I make “something different,” but then told me I should make chocolate cupcakes because she really likes my chocolate cake. So I need a different kind of frosting. We do peanut butter frosting a lot, and I have made Oreo frosting lately. Any ideas for something new that would go well with chocolate? Thanks!

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Answer by MissLindsayKaye

Cream cheese is my favorite, but I also love chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? (actually, that’s funny I said that, because my older nephew HATES it. lol) So, I Googled cream cheese frosting AND chocolate creem cheese frosting :) Good luck, and Happy cooking!

Cream Cheese:

Chocolate Cream Cheese:

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