Q&A: How to make chocolate flow smoothly in chocolate fountain?

Question by isle_gal123: How to make chocolate flow smoothly in chocolate fountain?
I recently bought a small chocolate fountain. I bought Belgian chocolate and heated it in microwave. I then mixed in a bit of canola oil to thin out the liquified chocolate. However, the chocolate still didn’t flow out as smoothly as I hoped. The chocolate dripped instead of looking tier-like. How do I make the chocolate flow more smoothly? Need all the help I can get as we’re using the fountain for a party this Saturday! Thanks!

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Answer by kristi
you may need more oil. For really yummy flavor try using almond oil if you can find it. Also, instead of heating your chocolate in the microwave (which makes it burn and crack on the outside) you might want to use a double boiler. If you don’t have one, get one of those stainless steel mixing bowls and put the unmelted chocolate and oil in it. Place the bowl on top of pot of boiling water. This way the chocolate gets heated gently…just make sure you keep stirring so it doesn’t burn.

I learned this the hard way after ending up with “chunky” Chocolate fondue. Yikes!

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