Q&A: How long before the party should I prepare chocolate?

Question by Gryph’s Mama: How long before the party should I prepare chocolate?
I made white chocolate suckers from a mold for my son’s birthday party. I put them in individual baggies, then wrapped them in plastic wrap, and placed them in the refrigerator about a month ago. His birthday party is on January 18th— How long before the party can I prepare them (thaw and put in sucker bags with ribbon) so that they still taste “fresh”?

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Answer by keswickian
I would leave it till the day before the party if they thaw out to early the chocolate might not taste good. Sometimes chocolate that has been around gets an off taste and when dark chocolate is frozen, it gets a white apperance to it. If you have extras, maybe taste one and check out the taste. It only takes a little time to defrost chocolate so leave them frozen as long as possible or bag them and keep them frozen. Just put all of them into a large plastic container to keep the party bags looking good.

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