My dog ate a chocolate bar. Should I take her to a vet?

Shawn Smith Asked: My dog ate a chocolate bar. Should I take her to a vet?

I got home from a quick trip to the store to get some dog food. While I was done, the dog (a 100 LBS 1 year old mastiff) decided to eat a bar of dark chocolate on the counter.

What should I do? Should I just watch her and hope for the best, or take her to the emergency vet? The bar was approx 1.65 oz and 72% dark chocolate (according to the wrapper).


Briana Butcher Answered:
I know a golden retriever who ate a 3lb pound box of sees candy that was under the Christmas tree and was fine. Just watch for lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting. If none of those things happen then she’ll be fine.:)
silverink Answered:
Rather be safe than sorry, I always say! 🙂
Take her to the vet.
Radness Answered:
Ghound Answered:
100lb dog should be fine. 10lb dog and there could be a problem going hyper and diarrhea.
Deputy Dog Answered:
You should ring her usual vet and ask them for advise.A phone call costs but a few cents and if they think it is serious enough they will arrange for you to bring her into the surgery.
Dani Answered:
watch her closely but i think she will be alright my grandmas 20 lb pug ate a whole chocolate cake he just threw up and was fine but if tou notice anything strange vet asap
Flowrider Answered:
I would take her to tge vet RIGHT AWAY!!!! And if he/she says it’s fine then don’t worry about it but NEVER LEAVE ANY CHOCOLATE IN THE OPEN WHEN YOU LEAVE AGAIN!!!

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