My dog 18lbs just ate 2 lindt dark raspberry chocolates will he be ok?

Bryan S Asked: My dog 18lbs just ate 2 lindt dark raspberry chocolates will he be ok?

It has been 2 hours and no weird signs. Should I induce vomitting?


Girly Answered:
I would def keep an eye on him
My pug ate one piece of chocolte and threw up all night
Change Answered:
no don’t induce vomiting. He will be fine if this is an isolated incident. Chocolate is very bad for dogs, but if he hasn’t eaten too much (just the two) he is ok especially for his weight.
Victoria Sinclair Answered:
You should definitely induce vomiting or take him to the vet. Dark chocolate is a lot more potent and dangerous to a dog than white or milk, especially to a dog of that size. Although you said it was raspberry, it depends how much actual chocolate he ate. My dog ate a small ball of milk chocolate, so we took him to the vet straight away and made him vomit. If I were you I would take him to the vet anyway, to be on the safe side. My vet said sometimes there are symptoms of seizures and other stuff, so if you don’t take him to the vet definitely keep a close eye on him. Give him lots of water and don’t give him any food for a while.
Curious Goergette Answered:
honestly don’t take the risk. take him to the vet and make sure he’s ok. my dog died from seizures a year after eating one snicker’s chocolate bar. I’ve learned not to take chances when a life is at stake, it will be worth it in the end.
WelderChick87 Answered:
If I remember right, those chocolates aren’t that big, so the dog should be fine.My mom has a Basset Hound, and we had left one day and had a brand new bag of Hershey Kisses on the table (we didn’t think she could reach it in the middle).We come home and she had the bag inside out, and a huge pile of puke right next to it.We watched her for a few days after that, and she was fine. 

If she starts acting odd/unusual for her, then take her to the vet and have her checked out.

Linda Moore Answered:
call the vet and ask your dog should be fine
Fancy Answered:
I found this answer to the same question: 

Everyone knows that chocolate “can” be lethal..Dark chocolate is even worse…BUT, there’s no need to panic…One square of chocolate is probably going to cause some frantic energy, and some really nasty nightmares when dogger finally gets to sleep, but nothing more…
There is a substance in chocolate that is poisonous in large amounts but what most people don’t realize is that the caffiene in the chocolate is what is really dangerous..You see, a dogs liver is a bit different than ours and it can’t really process cafiene like ours can..
Think of it as a “pac man” effect…An overdose of caffiene is litterally the same as radiator fluid or acetomenophen (tylenol)…The caffiene keeps eating up liver cells and doesn’t stop..
This is worse case scenario and only if a dog were to ingest a huge quantity of it…One square is NOT a large quantity and dogger will be o.k….I promise.. 🙂
Former vet tech.

Nabeel Virgo Answered:
Dogs inability to digest chocolates. The toxic effect of chocolates on dogs is made more dangerous because a lot of dog owners are unaware of this fact. Humans get a lot of benefits from chocolates. However, Chocolate, the worlds most loved treat is dangerous to dogs because of its theobromine content. Theobromine, a chemical that is similar to caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in cocoa beans. Theobromine serves as a stimulant and causes frequent urination, affects the kidneys and the heart muscles as well as the central nervous system. Unlike humans, a dogs system does not have the ability to digest this substance. Because of the dogs inability to digest the theobromine substance, continued consumption will cause an accumulation in the dogs system until a variety of medical concerns happen because increased level of toxicity

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