Men love chocolate too

There are many enduring stereotypes about the differences between men and women, but in the 21st century, many people accept that there are more similarities than differences between the sexes. This extends to shared tastes in confectionery – especially chocolate, which is one of the great gender equalizers.

Chocolate may have been more closely associated with women in the past, but with more and more women leaving chocolate out of their diets, men’s appetites for it are quickly catching up. That’s not to ignore the history of chocolate production in the Western world either, which has been dominated by male figures – from Christopher Columbus and Cortez, who first brought the chocolate bean to Europe, to figures such as Coenraad Van Houten, Henre Nestle and Milton Hershey who were instrumental in producing the confectionery as we know it today.

Many men enjoy the occasional chocolate bar as a treat, and giving chocolate hampers or other chocolate-based treats can be a welcome and appropriate gift for many occasions throughout the year, not only those that are generally associated with it, such as Easter and Christmas.

Due to its versatile nature, chocolate is a suitable gift for all occasions – from birthdays and other annual festivities to special occasions such as promotions and graduation. If you’re buying chocolate for a particular individual, knowing a little about their tastes could help you ensure your gift is suitable – for instance, do they have a sweet tooth, or do they prefer dark chocolate? Do they have allergies to nuts or other ingredients? Knowing the answers to these questions could point you in the direction of the perfect chocolate gifts, but there are many great all-purpose chocolate selections that could do the trick just as well.

If your father loves chocolate, you could consider giving chocolate Fathers Day gifts this year, or supplementing their main present with chocolate extras. If you’re putting together a gift hamper of various treats, including some high quality chocolate can add value to the selection.

Chocolate can be highly enjoyable when consumed in moderation, making it the perfect addition to any celebration. Whatever your gender, age or background, chocolate has near universal appeal, and with such a wide range of products available today, it’s easy to find chocolate suited to everyone’s tastes. Chocolate is available for all budgets too, and generally speaking you’ll get what you pay for – with many luxury brands being well worth the expense, in the opinion of chocolate connoisseurs.

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