Medicinal Chocolate?

Chocolate, specifically the beverage version, has long been known as an effective treatment to several illnesses. It is said to reduce anemia, stop the progress of diarrhea, ease an overworked brain, and somehow soothe an upset stomach. It is also used for children who are underweight and also stimulate the nervous systems of those who are physically weak without major health conditions.

In the Dominican Republic, to treat the common cold symptoms, chocolate drinks, that have coconut milk and onion in them, were taken.

Traditional healers in Oaxaca, Mexico are called “curanderos”. And story has it that they used chocolate in treating “espanto” or “susto”, illness which is said to be caused by getting startled or frightened. The traditional healer and patient go back to where it took place bringing cocoa beans along with them. They plant these beans into the ground and by doing so, the patient will be healed in return. Other healers in Oaxaca even used chocolate against sting of scorpion, wasp, and bees.
In the contemporary times, chocolate is still being used in the medicine. People from San Joaquin Valley of California use fresh beaten eggs added to hot chocolate as a cure against fatigue.  Also, chocolate mixed with cinnamon and rue can supposedly treat stomach aches.

Furthermore, aside from the beans, certain parts of the cacao tree are being utilized by indigenous people of America. The cacao bark is often used to when people have bloody stools and they are useful in decreasing abdominal pains, while cacao flowers mixed with water can improve mental alertness and lessen nervousness. Cacao fat is used in disinfecting minor wounds and burns as well as a moisturizer for dry or chapped skin, so is cacao oil or butter. Cacao oil or butter can be applied on hemorrhoids to alleviate irritation, while cacao fruit pulp id used in pregnant women to facilitate easier delivery.

However, some people say that the said results are just placebo effects and the pleasure of eating or drinking chocolate is only the reason why these people are feeling better. Which is which? You decide.

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