The Love Of Milk Chocolate

It’s a common knowledge that some of the most loved chocolate treats are made by the Swiss. Around 1876, a candy maker named Daniel Peter of Vevey, Switzerland, was the one who “invented” milk chocolate. He had a hard time removing the water from the milk at first, since it always caused mildewing.

Thereafter, he thought of collaborating with Henry Nestle, a maker of condensed milk. They then came up with the idea of putting in condensed milk to chocolate liquor which is a nonalcoholic smooth, thick, and liquid form of chocolate. It is the ground or melted form of the cocoa nib which the purest state of chocolate. Milk chocolate became popular and a darling to many by the 1900’s, and it never ceased.

There are several forms of milk chocolate, hot cocoa can be one, and boy is it almost every chocoholic’s favorite drink! It is a cocoa powder mixed with milk and sugar and heated until hot and smooth. This popular beverage just gives you the warmth and comfort that you are rooting for. Also included in the list are liquid milk products, powdered milk products, granule and of course, chocolate bars. One can enjoy them hot or cold, hard or soft, pretty much any way you wish.

Chocolate has everyone enticed and allured for different reasons and it’s not gonna die down, at least not anytime soon. It is so special to consumers that it has become 2011’s number 1 specialty food, so to speak. And milk chocolate is the darling of the crowd when it comes to chocolate preferences as it is preferred by approximately 80% of the consumers.

If you’re creating a chocolate basket as a gift without knowing the personal preferences of the one you’re planning on giving it to, you can never go wrong if it is filled with milk chocolate treats!

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