Lollipops And How They Started

Lollipops are one of the best sweet treats, well loved by adults and children alike across the globe. They come in an array of colors and flavors, usually fruit flavors, but chocolate-flavored ones are also very famous.

With a lot of companies cutthroat in producing and distribute lollipops, such treat has become available in many different shapes, as well. There are small ones that can be purchased in bulk and serve as mini gifts, and then there are large ones that are made with candy canes twisted into a circle. We know them very well!

The recorded largest lollipop was made and then certified on the June 25, 2002. It has a weight of 4,031 pounds (stick included), 18.9 inches thick, and over 15 feet tall. It’s almost a rip-off of a giraffe! It came in cherry flavor and was the “talk of the world” at the time.

The word lollipop has been colloquially used in many different pop songs like the “Lollipop Guild” , and it was featured in the the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” the “Lollipop” of Chordettes, and “The Good Ship Lollipop” from the 1934 Shirley Temple movie,  ”Bright Eyes”.

In America, July 20th is considered to be National Lollipop Day. Many lollipops can be eaten at room temperature, but some lollipops are made to be ice lollipops. These are water-based and frozen.

The first ever lollipop making machine recorded in history was only able to make 40 lollipops in a minute. With such pace, it would take a total of 592 days just to keep up with the needs of people scattered from Sugar Hill, Georgia to Sugar City, Idaho.  Today, the fastest lollipop making machine can make 5,900 lollipops a minute. Yup!

The idea of having a candy on stick paved way for the creation of the lollipop.  This continues to be the reason why it was invented and reinvented over time.

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