Less Sugar, More Cocoa

“Less Sugar, More Cocoa” is one of the credos of Hotel Chocolat, a British chocolate company that has recently opened a couple stores in Boston.

Part of the philosophy of this successful chocolate company is to reduce the amount of sugar and use the best cocoa in their products.  This way the cocoa flavors can really shine through for greater enjoyment.

Hotel Chocolat injects a bit of British humor into their experience.  After all, chocolate is meant for enjoyment.  For example they have a slab product called the Triple Chocolate Wham Bam.  Regardless of the name, it is over a pound of delicious chocolate; a trio of flavors including mellow caramel, smooth milk, and creamy white, swirled together for dramatic results.

The company uses all natural ingredients so additives and preservatives are prohibited.  The company’s conscience also extends to their suppliers.  They constantly strive to give back to the cocoa farmers and cocoa growers to help improve their lives.

Luxury chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

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If you’d like to read more about the company, here’s an article:

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