Is this a healthy daily diet for losing weight?

Amanda G Asked: Is this a healthy daily diet for losing weight?

A few weeks ago I used to only eat 3 meals with no extra snacks at all, but I was scared about starving my body because I was only eating about 1000 calories a day, so I recently started eating 1200 a day to be healthier.. And btw I'm trying to lose weight.. And im wondering if i can lose weight eating these things, what i could swap for what to make my meals healthier, and if i am eating fairly healthy.. And im 14 so im not gonna eat breakfast with no sugar or lunch or dinner with no flavor.. So here's pretty much what I eat most normal days;

1.5 cups cereal ( usually either honey nut cheerios, fruit loops, cookie crisp, or cocoa puffs) with .5 cup skim milk
OR 1 pack of Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal
OR 2 Eggo waffles with light syrup

Jif to go peanut butter- 2.5 tbsp
OR Special K 100 calorie fruit crisps
OR Fiber one bar

Chicken nuggets
OR plain tuna fish
OR A peanut butter and jelly on italian bread
OR A Wawa turkey hoagie
Any of these with an apple, banana, or yogurt

1 piece Ghiradelli 60% dark chocolate

Whatever my mom makes, Which always includes a vegetable and usually a meat
Today I'm having tacos.

1 fruit like cantaloupe, watermelon, apple, or pineapple


xCiiCiix Answered:
sounds good to me, for your lunch tho id probably mix it with salad to fill you up more, but still keep calories low – for example, tuna salad with 0 calorie dressing for added flavour. if you can do this i would then maybe cut out your snack between lunch and dinner and see if you can go straight through 🙂
Exercise also helps, depending on how much weight you want to loose i would say carry out exercise 3 times a week, anything from 15mins-45 mins each time really.

Hope this has helped!

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