is raw cookie dough dangerous?

jackfmlover1331 Asked: is raw cookie dough dangerous?

Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough?


vladimir Answered:
NOPE! A LOT of people eat raw cookie dough, totally harmless..

Leonardo DaVinci Answered:
Raw cookie dough is dangerous because you could catch salmonella poisoning because of the raw eggs.

Julia Answered:
lol no, not unless you eat too much, the raw eggs probably aren't too good for you but a little nibble here and there wont hurt you

Trish Thomas Answered:
only if you eat it, you can get salmonella

Wendy Answered:
raw eggs used to be potentially dangerous but now most all eggs are pasturized so all the bacteria that is harmful to us, is killed. so go ahead! eat that cookie dough! yum!

Kaitlyn S Answered:
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that stuff!!!!! My parents tell me not to eat to much, but I still did. (raw) I never got sick, but just be careful not to eat too much. (and on the same day)

califgirlinva Answered:
Well I have been eating it since I was a kid…But some people might not be able to tolerate it…

It does have raw eggs…Everyone should use caution………….

Soon2BeMommy Answered:
think of it this way, if it was dangerous why is it in ice cream

pennybarr Answered:
Nestles ready made chocolate cookie dough should be fine to eat raw.Certain home made raw cookie dough that contain eggs as one of the ingredients could be dangerous to eat because the eggs could contain salmonella.

Anna Hoskins Answered:
The label advises you not to eat the cookie dough raw. It has raw eggs in it and with raw eggs you run the risk of contacting salmonella. As a kid I ate it often and never got sick. Eat at your own risk.

musicimprovedme Answered:
They say it is dangerous because of the raw eggs but all I can say is…I have eaten cookie dough my entire life and never once gotten sick from it.

The thing about eggs is that they are not all contaminated with salmonella which is the bacteria that make you sick. Yes it is a gamble and there may be no way to tell. But if you are dealing with fresh properly stored eggs, the chances are very very low that you will get sick from them. So eating foods with raw egg, including cookie dough is a calculated risk and honestly, not all that big of a deal. I am a lot more careful dealing with raw meat.

If you really love cookie dough, and want it completely safe, just mix yourself some without the egg. It won't make good cookies but it will be perfect cookie dough to eat or add to homemade ice cream, or whatever. You can also omit the baking soda.

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