Is it okay to use expired chocolate chips?

Joy O Asked: Is it okay to use expired chocolate chips?

I want to make chocolate chip pancakes but ran out of chocolate chips. I found a pack that expired in August 2009 so it’s two years old. Do you think it’s safe for me to eat?


Nora Answered:
you could call the company customer service and ask
Joanna Answered:
if your going too cook them. its perfectly fine.
EmmaRose Answered:
Yeah it’s perfectly fine to eat them since you are cooking them.
dolaine74 Answered:
wow…1st I never really noticed that chocolate chips have an expiration date, they don’t last long around here! I don’t think that they would truly go bad..but if in doubt call the company!
AnnaBananaxox Answered:
Yes as long as you have stored them properly (obviously) and are cooking them it is perfectly fine.Hope this helps and enjoy your pancakes haha, you’ve actually made me hungry now :L 

Jeff Answered:

As long as they have been stored in a dry place, chocolate chips will be safe to eat.  The purpose of the expiration date is simply to tell you when they might not taste as good as they did when they were first made.

So how do you decide whether or not to use them?  Taste one.  If you like the taste, go ahead and use the chips in whatever you want.  If you do not like the taste, throw them away.


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