Indulge In All Your Chocolate Wishes

There are so many kinds of chocolates out there that it’s easy to miss some of the best chocolate creations that exist.  That is less likely to happen if you join a chocolate of the month club where you will have an opportunity to get great deals on chocolates plus you’ll easily be able to try a variety of different chocolate treats that will enrich your palette to add even more flavors to your long list of chocolate favorites.  Here are some tips to getting you started in your own chocolate of the month club.

Tip 1: Well Known Chocolate Makers

Your best option for trying a chocolate of the month club is to get started with a well known chocolate maker.  This will ensure you have a great experience plus give you a chance to try some different chocolate treats that you’ve never tried before.  Some of the more well known chocolate of the month clubs are Cadbury, Lindt, Russel Stover, Green Mountain, Fritz Knipschildt, the Flying Noodle, Grand Cru, etc.  A few of these are more popular than others but each of these brands has proven their chocolate making abilities.

Tip 2: Shorter Trial Periods

Because some chocolates require acquiring a taste you’re going to want to find a chocolate of the month club which doesn’t bind you to a year-long contract.  Instead, look for a chocolate of the month club with short trial periods so you’ll have enough time to decide if you really like their chocolate but also short enough that if you find you don’t particularly like their chocolate you don’t have to suffer for a year of bad chocolates.

Tip 3: Look for Better (Healthier) Chocolates

If you love chocolates yet you worry about the extra calories then find a chocolate of the month club which fits your needs.  There are many chocolate makers that use specific ingredients in order to make their chocolate healthier.  Don’t be afraid to try one of these options.  While it’s good to be healthy it’s also good to indulge your chocolate needs.

Making a Gift of a Chocolate of the Month Club

If you have friends or loved ones that love chocolate as much as you do then why not buy them a membership for a chocolate of the month club, too?  This is a great way to indulge your loved ones and also gives you something to talk about.  You might learn a great deal about the palette of your loved ones and what they like (at least chocolate-wise).

There are many chocolate of the month clubs of which you could participate in trying a multitude of chocolate flavors.  You may have the opportunity to try unique flavors that aren’t on the shelves at stores.  You may find yourself helping a company decide what flavor should next be set out for purchase.  You may even just find yourself enjoying rich chocolate each month when you join a chocolate of the month club.

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Written by ja_schmidt

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