I’m addicted to chocolate turtles?

Cass Asked: I’m addicted to chocolate turtles?

I’m not even kidding. I bought a box of them thinking night “Hmm, aren’t these known for being addictive on shows/movies.” took a bite, and then I find myself having 10 of them throughout the night and day.

How do I get over this chocolate turtle addiction?! They’re so amazingly good!


JEBUS Answered:
what is a chocolate turtle?

Johnny Monopolous Answered:
Stop buying them, out of site, out of mind!

Unfinished Perfection Answered:
I have no idea what they are but they sound delicious. Sometimes it makes me sad that I live in Australia and all the good sweets don’t make it over here.

Ryan Butlers girlfriend Answered:
They make Chocolate turtles… I thought they only made Chocolate bunnies

barbara Answered:
Eat half a dozen boxes in an hour. After you puke them back up you’ll never want them again.

navy1 Answered:

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