I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is usually dubbed as “The Greatest American Dessert.” Even though this product is typically American, the United States cannot claim its origin and source.

Ice cream is defined as a frozen dairy dessert made from cream or milk, usually combined and manufactured along with other flavors and fruits. More often than not, it contains sugar. Sometimes, other sweeteners are used.

The ingredients are slowly stirred while the product is cooled down.  This lets air be integrated and keeps the formation of ice crystals. The outcome will be a smooth, semi-solid foam that is extremely malleable and can be scooped easily.  Drool now!

Little is known about the early history of ice cream, but this treat is said to originate in Europe.  Now, the United States has been the lead among all the countries in the large and intense production of ice cream.

Before the advent of the today’s refrigeration, ice cream was a mere luxury that was intended to be eaten only on special occasions. It had to be produced with a source of ice, often cut from lakes and ponds at winter.  The ice was stored in the ground, say, in brick ice houses and was insulated by straw.

In the past, the ice cream industry grew at a slower pace than it is today.  Until 1900s, the total American output of ice cream didn’t go beyond 30 million gallons annually.

The yearly manufacturing and production of it has been working its way up on a steady and exponential rate with the introduction of hard and soft ice cream, nowadays produced at more than a billion gallons a year.  In accordance with the International Dairy Foods Association, “approximately 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the U.S. in 2011.”  Stunning, eh?

This just means that the annual per capital consumption is not less than 20 pounds.  Additionally, this means that 9% of total milk production goes to the ice cream industry.

Where’s the chocolate in this article? It’s here, yep it’s here now. Chocolate ice cream is always near the top in flavors.  Vanilla always wins.  That’s the sad ending.

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