I just fed my dog 15 chocolate belgium truffles.?

Jeff Daniels Asked: I just fed my dog 15 chocolate belgium truffles.?

idk if I should stop but he looks so cute when he does he goes OM NOM NOM


German Garrido Answered:
He's going to die or be very ill. Call the vet now! (No joke)

Logan Brown Answered:
He gunna die. Chinese are eating good tonight!

lol Answered:
well enjoy your next hour or so with him his "OM NOM NOM"ing is going to be shortlived

stephanie C Answered:
You never feed dogs belgium truffles, you will make the dog very ill and then the dog will die, feed the dog, dog food not chocolate Belgium truffles.

Moondog Answered:
Well aren't you just a clever little troll.

I hope you don't come on here bleating about not being able to afford a vet when your dog's liver packs it in.

Steve The God Answered:
Bring him down to chung's kitchen cauz hes going to die.

Christine Answered:
Chocolate is very dangerous for dogs, if it is a small dog that many could kill it. Your dog doesnt know any differnet and eat anything you give it. Stop feeding it chocolate and take it to the vet. Anyway why are you wasting yummy truffles on your dog

sexyass Answered:
Give him a beer to wash it down he will be fine.


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