How To Make Your Hot Chocolate … taste even better!

How To Make Your Hot  Chocolate … taste even better!

Here’s my recipe and it’s so much better than a mug of ordinary hot chocolate from a tin.

2 T hot chocolate powder

1 T cocoa

*enough milk to make a paste

a little cinnamon to taste

1. Place the hot chocolate powder into a mug and then add the tablespoon of cocoa. Now add enough milk to make paste or the cocoa won’t dissolve when you add the water. Add as much cinnamon as you like… it’s all a matter of taste.

Next step… . Add the boiling water and stir.

*The chocolate mixture has a habit of sinking to the bottom of the cup, so be sure to stir often. I have often used a candy cane as a stir stick… adding extra flavor as well as keeping the chocolate combined.

*If you prefer your cocoa to be thicker, you might want to fill the cup with more milk… and if you want to splurge, you might even try Half and Half. That will give you a more decadent cup of cocoa with about half the work.

That’s pretty much it. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy.

A Little Cocoa Trivia…

In certain areas of Central and South America, a dance is performed  ON the cocoa seeds as they lay drying in the sun.

You have probably heard of Cocoa butter, but it is used in a lot more places that you might imagine. On my desk is a little canister that I picked up from The Body Shop… called body butter and yes, it contains cocoa butter and it does one amazing job on dry feet! And just in case you were wondering…  cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa beans during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder.  Amazing stuff!

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