How Chocolate Can Prevent Stroke In Men

A lot of people have been living and leading healthy lives in these past years. It’s a common choice to eat responsibly, and a lot has stopped smoking and drinking. People opt to sleep for plenty of time, and regular exercises are observed in many. This is really good news for those who have been plagued by health-related diseases that restrict them to be the best they can be.

Just recently, research claims that eating a healthy dose of chocolates every week can lead to a reduced rate of stroke incidents particularly in the male-side of the populace. If you happen to be a woman who loves the men in your life, then it’s a good call to give them chocolate.

It was just recently published that it was confirmed that the consumption chocolate every week was directly linked with a reduction of the rate of stroke incidents among men. Yep. You read right.

According to the journal, Neurology, the study followed roughly  37,000 men for 10 years. The ones who ate more than 2 ounces of chocolate per week had a staggering 17% lower risk of stroke compared to those that had very little or no chocolate.

The study’s author claims that “the beneficial effect of chocolate consumption on stroke is related to the flavonoids that are mainly found in the chocolates”.

Flavonoids, as you may have seen many times, are naturally occurring agents that tend to have a protective trait against cardio-vascular (CV) diseases through the process of anti-oxidation, anti-clotting, and anti-inflammation. You may also have known that flavonoids can help in decreasing of blood concentrations of bad cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Albeit it has been said that this study zero in on men, it’s also expressed that men might not be the only part of the population that benefits from regular eating of chocolate. A study made last year from the same group of researchers indicated that women who had a moderate amount of chocolate also had a lower risk of strike, according to USA Today.

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