Hotdog With Chocolate Eclairs

A lot of events across the globe are characterized by memorable happenings like appearances of world famous celebrities. Other than that, there could be unique and sometimes bizarre food and treats. This holds true in many different countries and cultures.

The recent Canadian National Exhibition showcased a wild yet enticing new treat.   A Canadian company took the sausage in a bun experience to a new level.  They came up with a hotdog entirely wrapped in a chocolate éclair!  Yup, you read right.

The world famous Maple Lodge Farms were held accountable for this rare treat. The hotdog was served in a sliced chocolate éclair and had a lot of sprinkles and whipped cream on top. Ooohh.

In a certain survey of ranking food based on quirkiness, such treat was even quirkier and crazier than the previous one, known as the Luther Burger (a bacon cheeseburger that used glazed donuts for its bun) and the Luther Double Down (composed of fried chicken meat being used as bun for bacon and cheese).

This is definitely news to many, but actually, this isn’t the first time that Canadians have gone to the extreme. There was one Canadian vendor who sold what he named ‘double bacon fried corn dogs.’

Suffice it to say, people across the globe crave new tastes.  Hence, a lot of people come up with brilliant, and sometimes bizarre, ideas about different food combinations and preparations. Such efforts, have been made possible by the ever increasing influence of social media on the food industry.

Who knows, you might come up with the next big thing. You can go over this blog for some more of the interesting news about chocolate.

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