Homemade Chocolate Candies

If you truly are a chocoholic like you say you are, you might be interested in making chocolate candies all by yourself. Fret not, the process in creating most of the candies that you love is actually easier than you think. And with practice and regular taste testing, you can even come up with a recipe that is all your own.

Homemade candies always have a special place in our hearts and it’s always entertaining, and even more so when you gather little children and teach them how to make one.

The key to making excellent homemade candies is to follow all the steps vigilantly. If it particularly says to stir constantly, then do so. Otherwise, your chocolate will end up burnt or with a grainy consistency.

Whether you are cooking with milk, dark, or even white chocolate, you must always keep the temperature exactly like how the recipe that you are following states.  If you are planning on giving it as a gift, you must place it in an attractive container.

Cookie s’mores is a good alternative which replaces chocolate by using fudge striped cookies instead. Putting in marshmallow in between two cookies would form a sweet sandwich without even the help of chocolate. On the other hand, peanut butter s’mores is made out of peanut butter cups rather than plain chocolate.

If you’re looking to give it to a diabetic, try looking up for recipes that don’t call for anything that have sugar. These recipes utilize artificial sweeteners that are diabetic-friendly.

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