History of Ghirardelli chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is among the pioneers when it comes to chocolate companies. In America, it is the second oldest. An Italian, who was born in Italy, by the name of Domingo Ghirardelli, moved to California after having worked in South America for a stretch of time. It was in 1862 that the company was incorporated. Ghirardelli has been a leading brand since then.

Ghirardelli’s father did food importing, and learned his way around chocolate making by means of working as a helper in a local candy shop. Then, he came to Uruguay and worked with a chocolate company. Later on, he moved to Peru to start his own confectionary shop. It was in 1947 that he began making Ghirardelli chocolate.

In 1949, he came to California and worked on gold mines. After which, he had a shop which supplied fellow miners with general items. Then, he had his own coffee shop, and by 1852, he began making guittard chocolate, after importing good quality cocoa.

The flavors and taste were a breath of fresh air, and became an instant hit. Shortly after, Ghirardelli chocolate gained remarkable popularity. With the huge success of single chocolates, Ghirardelli then began making chocolate bars, as well. Being a hit in the market, it began growing as a giant in the chocolate industry.

However, not everything and everyday is smooth-sailing for Ghirardelli. It was mentioned that he used to sell general items, and although he improved his business and put up on more, it got gutted in fire and lost almost everything. He was still able to get back on his feet, though, and worked around what was left. This story speaks of the willpower and the determination of a man behind the major success of Chocolate Company.

Fighting for its existence is a thing of the past for Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. At the moment, it is one of the most sought after chocolate brands in America and in many other countries. This is only proof that success comes with perseverance and hard work.

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