Heat-resistant Chocolate

We have all tried buying chocolate on a hot day, only to pull it out of your bag later and find it melted. This problem could now be a thing of the past, at least for some parts of the world.

After almost 10 years of meticulous research, the manufacturers of Cadbury and Toblerone chocolates are claiming they are now nearing launching of a heat-resistant chocolate to the world.

The top chocolate, biscuit and candy company, Mondelez International told Reuters that the product they will be introducing in the near future is able to endure temperatures as high as 104F and not melt.

This heat-resistant chocolate is particularly intended for places that have hot/humid climate such as India, Brazil, and Africa, where food products end up falling victim to the scorching heat of the sun.

They weren’t letting people in on the details about ingredients and taste just yet. However, according to a company executive for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, the products will be launched very soon.

Other brands within the Mondelez International portfolio include Cote d’Or, Milka, Green & Black’s chocolates, Trident and Dentyne gum and Nabisco.

While it may seem new to many, it’s actually not the first attempt at creating a more durable chocolate product. Premium Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut launched the Volcano before, the chocolate that has a higher melting point – 98.6F. This is because of a lower cocoa butter content.

The natural melting point for chocolate is between 86F and 93.2F, lower than human body temperature.

Will there be a difference in taste? Well, coming up with a heat-resitant chocolate that can endure up to 40 degrees celius sans melting has reportedly entailed putting in combinations of cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vegetable oils. That said, yup, there will be a noticeable change in taste.


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