Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate

Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate

Nothing says love like a box of delectable chocolates. And selling love is how Ganong, famous for its century-old Delecto brand, became one of the world’s leading candy-makers. Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate is an illustrated history of the family and its business, from its humble beginnings in St. Stephen, New Brunswick to its current niche in a world dominated by super-sized conglomerates. For more than 130 years, the company has amassed an impressive list of firsts: it concocted the first All-day Sucker, the five-cent chocolate nut bar, and that Maritime Christmas favorite — the Chicken Bone. Ganong was one of the first companies to sell boxed chocolates, and it was the first company in Canada to use the heart-shaped chocolate box, first for Christmas and later for Valentine’s Day. Along with the color reproductions of many of Ganong’s packaging and marketing materials from days gone by, author David Folster has selected a rich array of archival photographs of the original Ganong factory (now a retail outlet and museum) and the many loyal employees who have contributed to the sweet success of this company.

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