Free Chocolate, Anyone?

Yes, chocolates are heavenly. No argument there. But sometimes, they can be pretty costly. Did you ever hear about free chocolates? Sounds too good to be true, but it is.

Go to your nearest local chocolate shop that has an array of chocolate items. These shops almost always give away free samples of chocolates to lure in prospective customers. These chocolate makers know the game and play it quite well.

You can avail of your free chocolates mostly on weekends when people are crowding. Some ambush you with free chocolates on weekdays though, if you’re lucky enough.

However, some boutiques have selected dates for free tasting and giveaways. To make sure you don’t miss the chance, sign up for the store’s mailing list. Say, a certain chocolate shop gives away several coupons for reasons like buying chocolates from them and your bill has reached a certain amount. Moreover, they will mail you their monthly catalog wherein additional coupons. This is a promotional strategy to have you back in their store, so why not use it to your advantage?

Just ask around if you can have free samples, it wouldn’t cost you a leg. Don’t go around I the store pretending to buy some chocolates when all you are after is free chocolate in the first place.

If you are eyeing on something, ask about it, and maybe you can get it without spending a single dime. If not, at least you already know what to buy the next time you come around.

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