Food recipe for holiday: Tips for making chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate strawberry is probably good for the holiday like Valentine’s Day. I think you can even use it for St. Patricks’s Day. You can use it for any occasions. I love this one recipe and it’s nice and pleasant for holiday decoration.

I think your children will love this recipe because chocolate and strawberry is a great combination adding to the fact that it looks tasty. You can make it for Christmas or even for the holiday. It’s a great finger bite food. It’s a great snack. You can definitely display this around the holiday because it’s nice to look at even. You can have fun decorating it and everything. This could be one of your craft project for Christmas.

You will need to buy a dozen or two of fresh strawberries or however much that you want to make since you can make a lot for your friends too. You can give that when you go over to a party or something of that nature. You will need to buy chocolate chips to melt. These can be Hershey’s chocolate chips or chocolate bar that is pure chocolate. When you have the strawberries and chocolate you can begin the process.

You would wash your strawberries and pat dry and plug the green part out. You would put the strawberries on a cookie sheet and get it ready to be dip in chocolate. You can start to melt your chocolate. You will put it in a bowl and then microwave it. It can melt it in the microwave. Once it’s melt you can take it out and cool it. Now you can start the dipping process.

You would take the strawberry and then dip it in the chocolate and then you will laid the finished strawberry on the cookie sheet. You would repeat the process until you’re done and then you would put it in the fridge until it’s settle. Once it’s settle you can take it out and further decorate it with little candy decoration here and there. This is ready to serve cold. You can put back in the fridge what you won’t need to use. You can also put it on top of cakes and other holiday food to make the decoration seem more lavish. This is great for snacks and also great with drinking wine because it can bring out the taste of wine. This is great for the holiday. You can try adding other things on top of it like grind peanuts to enhance the taste. You can also try other sprinkles that will help. You can try to decorate it into a heart shape or a Christmas tree shape or a Shamrocks shape to make it goes with the holiday. You’re now done with making Chocolate covered strawberries.

Written by kay_pierre

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