Ethical Chocolate

You probably haven’t given it any thought before. In our chocolate classes, two important lessons include “Responsible Cacao Farming” and “Preventing Exploitation in the Chocolate Industry.”

However, answering such tricky question is… tricky. Chocolates have always been associated with many different cultures, holidays, and certain celebrations.

There are chocolate birthday cakes, chocolate eggs for Easter, chocolates for Valentine’s Day, and even chocolate bars for Halloween.  These are just some of those occasions tied to chocolate.

It all boils down to the fact chocolate is really fun, a highlight in any occasion, so fun that we pack on pounds of it every year.

Like presented above, with reference to the question being asked as we our own classes, chocolate is usually linked to several environmental and human rights matters.  In some cases these subjects are deemed taboo, “don’t tell me that, I just want to enjoy my chocolate.”

Of course there are different degrees of quality. It’s a big factor to considered to some people. While with others, any chocolate is chocolate, and chocolate is always delish.

How about the ingredient list?  Some people would like to dodge certain products for allergy or sensitivity reasons.  Others zero in on the percentages of chocolate versus sugar.

There are also other factors on the label, such as fair trade or organic.  While these may have acquired a less than optimal flavor reputation some years back, today it’s no big deal.

Then there’s the price.  Are you willing to try that $7.00 chocolate bar, or is is $1.00 your limit?  Or somewhere in between?  Your price tolerance will be your guiding light in your tasting experience.

Of course, we have to be aware of the production practices.  Farming methods and the impact on the environment are things that could have remarkable impact on the future of cacao production.  Labor practices question the involvement of children in the potentially dangerous harvesting of cacao pods.  Can you stomach the thought of children being exploited just so you could enjoy your bar of chocolate?

These are all issues that need some questioning since chocolate is part of the food industry that sustains the world through production and employment. We all want our chocolate forever, don’t we?

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