Enjoying Dark Chocolate

Want something to balance the savory taste of your meal? Go for dark chocolate. Even a little amount can do the trick, that’s why it’s the go-to dessert of a lot of chocoholics who want a healthy lifestyle.


Savor dark chocolate by doing some or all of these:


1. Make it you workday treat!
In the middle of a particularly demanding day, take a break, and much on some dark chocolate. It will melt away stress as it melts in your mouth.

2. Make it a staple in your relaxing ritual.
“Me time” is not complete without your heartwarming comfort food. Cap off the experience with some dark chocolate in hand.

3. Bring it to family dinner and game night.
Sharing some dark chocolate with the ones closest to your heart can work magic. Pass around a few pieces after the home cooked meal you all just devoured.

4. It’s perfect for a wine-tasting party.
Host a wine tasting party and entertain friends in a casual setting. Get a wide array of wine along with different kinds of cheese, fruits and dark chocolates to bring out different notes in each one.

5. Toss in some chocolate on your next brunch with your girl friends.
Catch up with your girls over brunch. Talk about anything and everything under the sun. It’s even better when done in your house, with your homemade dishes to boot. End the meal with a few bites of dark chocolate.

How do you enjoy your dark chocolate?

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