Easy chocolate pie recipe?

Coco Asked: Easy chocolate pie recipe?

It needs to include the recipe for the crust as well. A simple recipe for chocolate pie in grams please.


New England Babe Answered:
Crush graham crackers and add melted butter and press into pie pan.Bake at 350 for 8 minutes. 

Buy cook and serve pudding.Follow the pie directions on the box.Add to cooked crust.Refrigerate for 2 hrs.

Top with your favorite whip cream (as you serve) or Cool Whip all over the top.

Mercy Answered:
Make the crust New England Babe suggests, but for the filling, get a huge Hershey’s bar, milk or dark chocolate as you prefer.Melt the chocolate bar in the top of a double boiler and remove from the heat.Gently fold a large container of Cool Whip into the melted chocolate as you would fold beaten egg whites into a souffle.When gently blended, pour into the cooled pie crust and refrigerate for 3 hours.This is a very rich pie.A small wedge will suffice, with maybe some fresh strawberries on the side and a cup of full-bodied coffee.


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