Do ‘Belgian Techniques’ make Belgian chocolate?

Question by Gir-een: Do ‘Belgian Techniques’ make Belgian chocolate?
Chocolove claims to make Belgian chocolate in Boulder, Colorado. Their ‘about’ page reads: “all-natural ingredients and the classic techniques of Europe’s finest chocolatiers”

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Answer by Koenraad
I don’t think that if you follow Europe’s techniques, you will make Belgian chocolate, since Belgium is only a small part of Europe. It is however a major chocolate producer.

When saying something is all natural and produced with classic techniques, it is in fact saying the creation of chocolate is going through the following steps:

1. Picking the Cacao beans
2. Drying and Fermenting the Cacao Beans
3. Mixing of the Cacao Beans
4. Burning the Cacao Beans
5. Grinding the Cacao Beans

This is where they send it to the country of production of the actual chocolate

6. Mix Cacao Beans with ingredients (sugar, extra flavours,…)
7. Grinding and mixing together of everything
8. Heating up the mix to 45° Celcius to 75° Celcius while adding Cacao Butter or Natural Soy Lecithine.
9. Transforming it into shapes.

So when this technique is being used, you could say that this could be Belgian chocolate, regarding the right amounts of sugar, Cacao Butter and other ingredients have been used.

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