Diabetes and Chocolate

There are a lot of people suffering from Diabetes. The ones that suffer the most are those that have a sweet tooth. It has long been an issue if diabetics should ditch chocolates altogether or if minimal amount of dark chocolate is beneficial.

Chocolate, specifically the dark variants that are not loaded with sugar, is known to have an array of health advantages and benefits. One of which is for those who have heart conditions. Recent studies have shown that chocolate contains a certain substance called ‘flavonoids’ that can affect the vascular health in a good way. It supposedly lowers the blood pressure and improves blood flow to the brain and heart, making blood platelets less viscous. That being said, one can keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels. It also has the ability to slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.

However, it is an obvious fact that excessive consumption of chocolate is not at all advantageous, but rather threatening to the health. Again, diabetics are suggested to consume chocolates in minimal portions. They can do so while having a meal or right after a meal. The reason behind this is that since the stomach has food in it, the absorption of chocolate will be impeded. Thus, you can prevent your blood glucose from spiking.

And since diet is a very crucial factor in the health of diabetic patients, health experts such as physicians or nutritionists should be inquired first, just to be on the safe side. Every diabetic patient has a unique requirement with regard to diet, and to maintain a healthy one, an open and honest communication with the doctor is best.

Just because you have a health condition doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the joys of eating. It may not be just like how you enjoyed food back when your health is at its peak, but you can always look for alternatives that offer the same pleasure but without the need to sacrifice your health.

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