Deluxe Chocolate Tasting Party Set Reviews

Deluxe Chocolate Tasting Party Set

Deluxe Chocolate Tasting Party Set

  • 60 Assorted Truffles, Caramels, and Nuts & Pralines by Charles Chocolates
  • 70 Nuanciers – Tasting Disks by Michel Cluizel
  • 20 Chocolate Accents by Enric Rovira
  • 150 Chocolate Pieces in total

The Deluxe Party Tasting Box combines Charles Chocolates’ Deluxe Box of Assorted Truffles, Enric Rovira’s Chocolate Accents, and Michel Cluizel’s Nuanciers.

The Deluxe Chocolate Box contains three boxes within one box. This beautiful deluxe gift box features a magnetic closure and contains three Boxed Assortments inside: the Charles Chocolates Classic Collection Assortment; Charles Chocolates Handmade Truffles, and Charles Chocolates Fleur de Sel Caramels.

– The Classic Collection – Inside this box of handmade confections, you will find two layers of Charles’ finest chocolates. Combining the finest chocolates, fruits, nuts and herbs with organic cream and butter, Charles Chocolates elevates the art of artisanal candy making to new heights.

– The Handmade Truffles – These traditional truffles are made by simply combining cream and chocolate. Enjoy two layers of delicious handmade treats ranging from the purest of flavors to the exotic: Mint, Honey Lavender, Kahlua, Earl Grey, and Ginger.

– The Fleur de Sel Caramels – Fleur de Sel comes from the Brittany region of France and is one of the most expensive salts in the world. Adding it to our dark, rich caramel further accentuates the delicious caramel flavor. Each box contains ten plain Fleur de Sel Caramels and ten Bittersweet chocolate Fleur de Sel Caramels, all enrobed in our rich 65% bittersweet chocolate.

The Chocolate Accents by Enric Rovira are a perfect embelishment to any of your favorite drinks. Just press the delicious truffles down the rim of your champagne or wine glass and savor the truffle when you are done.

The Nuanciers by Michel Cluizel is a sampler box which contains some of the world’s most exquisite 72% chocolate made from cacao beans from Venezuela, Ghana, Madagascar, Java, Sumatra, Grenada, and Ecuador. Includes 70 disks: ten chocolate disks from each country, allowing you to discriminate subtle differences in cacao from different growing regions.

List Price: $ 154.00


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