Deep-Fried Chocolate Bars

We often crave sweets, and chocolate is one of them. This article is about something that may seem unfamiliar or uncommon to many, but it might interest you. I am talking about deep-fried candy bars.  Yes, you read right, deep fried candy bars!

The usual batter that a lot of chefs or home cooks utilize for frying foods such as fried chicken, fish, meat, or sausages could actually be just as good for frying these sweet treats. The candy bars should be chilled before they go through the process of being battered. This is done to make sure that the chocolates don’t melt into a hot, fatty, sticky mess. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

This unusual treat can trace its roots back into the heart of Scotland, from a fried fish shop that came up with it.  Much to their surprise, these fried candy bars were an instant hit.  The credit for this invention was given to the Haven Chip Bar in Stonehaven, in the year 1995. Stonehaven is a town located in the northeast coast of Scotland, near the historic place of Aberdeen.

A little more than 300 fried fish shops took part in a study done in 2004.  The study showed that almost 22% of these shops sold candy bars that are fried.  Moreover, 17% of these shops had sold them in the past years.

More recently, nearly 75% were found to have been selling these treats, with an average of 23 bars per week.  The more famous shops sold at least 50, and up to 200, of these bars every week.  The typical price in US dollars is $1.75.  The bulk of their customers are children.

Even an overseas British cafe, situated in the country of Thailand, has embraced deep fried candy bars and put it into their own menu.  This treat was at first dubbed as a prank, but when more buyers found it satisfying, it became a regular item on the menu becoming very popular among locals and tourists alike.

This delicacy also been made famous in far flung places from its origins such as New Zealand and Australia.

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